Indoor Worship Services begin August 2

Bishop Hughes has approved indoor worship for gatherings of 25% of Church capacity or less. There are many rules and guidelines to follow. Christ Church will begin preparations and will be ready to hold indoor worship, in the Church, on Sunday, August 2. There will be a service at 8:00 am and a service at 9:30 am. The 9:30 am service will continue to be available on Facebook Live.
-Since the gatherings are limited in number, attendees will be required to make reservations in advance, on a week by week basis, by email or by phone. The number of attendees will be limited to 30 people at each service.
- The Worship Service will include Communion. For everyone's safety, we will use pre-filled Communion cups that have grape juice and wafer sealed into a single-serving container.
- Everyone must bring their own mask. There will be six measured feet in between different families. Masks must be worn at all times except during the moment that you receive Communion.
- There will be no passing of the Peace. John Robert Niece will sing at the 9:30 service, but there will be no Choir and the Congregation will not sing.
- A bulletin will be sent by email in advance but will not be distributed at the service. You may print your own bulletin to bring with you and then bring it home with you. If you can access your email on your phone, you can follow along electronically. Prayer Books will not be provided, but you may bring your own if you have one.
- An offering basket will be placed at the entrance. A plate will not be passed.
- There may be additional guidelines to note when you arrive at the service; please follow the directions of the Ushers.
-There will be physical distancing of at least 6 measured feet maintained at all times. There will be no congregating before or after the service. There will be no Coffee Hour. Everyone will be asked to exit to their cars immediately following the service.
- The maximum capacity will be strictly enforced, so no one will be allowed to enter without an advance reservation.
- The pews and surface areas will be disinfected in between the 8:00 am and 9:30 am services.
As always, our highest goal is to safeguard the health and safety of our clergy and parishioners. As noted, our Facebook Live service will continue at 9:30 am, especially for those in high risk groups and for those who are not yet ready to gather in person.

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