The Neighborhood Initiative inspires fellowship, communication, and collaboration among parishioners outside the walls of the church. This strengthens the capacity of everyone in the church family to care for each other and to represent Christ Church as God's caring presence in local neighborhoods reaching beyond the needs of Christ Church parishioners alone.
Christ Church is a community of faithful Christians living in several North Jersey counties including Passaic, Bergen, Morris, and Somerset. Everyone in the congregation is in one of fifteen neighborhoods. A local Neighborhood Leader is the point person for the neighborhood. Participation is voluntary. Those who participate are claiming an opportunity to "be God's sparkle in the world." Perhaps it is by supporting a neighbor who is grieving or helping to welcome a new baby or family to the community. Or maybe where you live, joining with other community resources can help meet a larger need. While it's often the small things that happen to make the Initiative successful, the potential for our neighborhoods to respond with kindness in our communities is enormous!
One of our leaders met someone at the doctor's office who has no transportation, is part of our congregation, but hasn't been able to get to church for health reasons. She now has a ride to church! It's just that simple.
Some neighborhoods respond to designated needs in their communities. One neighborhood has brought together the town mayor and other officials to sponsor a drive to relieve hunger in a very needy community during the summer by collecting canned goods for the Center for Food Action.
A local family, devastated by fire, received funds secured by a Neighborhood Leader from the Thrift Shoppe at Christ Church. The family thought the money would be denied them because they were not Christian. In a world where wars rage over religious disagreements, a Christian response was possible and received.
Be sure to thank our Neighborhood Leaders: Barbara Hazelwood, Geri Sheehan, Cindy LoBue, Eufemia Campagna, Andy Shaw, Nancy Dalzell, Alison Thornhill, Mary Ann Salerno-Fitzgerald, Joan Van Splinter, Bette Davis, Karen Bogert, Susan Roche, Joyce McDiarmid, Barbara Schinke, Ellen Ewing, Sue Helm, Kat and Megan Menezes.

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