For whom the bell (tower)!

Christ Church Bell Tower"The chimes ring out each day at noon and at that time I go to the altar and have the noonday prayers... Everybody in the town looks forward to the noon hour...One old lady who is ill insists that the window of her room be opened everyday at noon to hear the hymns on the bells."
~~Mr. A. F. Chillson, Rector

The aforementioned quote is an excerpt of a letter dated November 24, 1943 written by the Rev. A.F. Chillson to parishioner, Cecil B. DeMille. Chillson explained the important presence that the sounding church bells had upon the local community. As a child, DeMille worshipped at Christ Church with his parents and siblings.

We have replaced the Bell Tower and once again, it calls the congregation to worship and will continue to be an important fixture in the community of Pompton Lakes.

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