Sunday School - General Information

The Sunday School program is conducted by three co-superintendents, five teachers, and the Children's Chapel leader. All children, no matter how young, are eligible to take part in our Sunday School program.

Registration is held early in September on the day of our Welcome Back Brunch (usually the Sunday after Labor Day.) Classes are held during the 9:30 am Sunday worship service, from September to June, concluding with Promotion Sunday festivities, when the children are given their awards. This is graduation day for Sunday School students with diplomas, games, and a party.

Sunday School is held weekly, except on Family Sundays.

Family Sunday – On the fourth Sunday of every month from September to June, our 9:30 service is centered around the families of Christ Church. This service has an exciting, yet informal atmosphere, with special lessons, prayers, and lively music.The older children read the lessons and prayers, and our Junior and Cherub Choirs perform.

Children's Chapel and Cherubs' Choir Rehearsal - At the beginning of the 9:30 service, the children join the procession of the Crucifier, Torchbearers, Acolytes, Choir, and Priest through the church. Children's Chapel consists of lighting the Chapel candles, prayers, a Gospel lesson, the collection and presentation of offertory gifts. It is followed by a rehearsal of the hymn that the children will be singing at the Family Sunday service in the main church. The rehearsal is conducted by the Choir Director.

Pre- K to Grade 2 - After Cherub Choir rehearsal, the teachers escort the children upstairs to their classrooms for their lessons. Their Sunday school lesson pertains to the weekly readings and Gospel.

Grades 3 - 4 and '5th Grade and Up' - These children, too, assemble with the congregation in the church and then join the procession with the younger parishioners. Instead of participating in Children's Chapel, the older students assemble in their classrooms. After their Sunday School lesson, their teachers escort them into Church where they join their parents for Holy Communion.

Confirmation is part of the Sunday School Program.  Classes begin in the fall and continue until Confirmation Day in the spring. Students enrolling in the Confirmation class should be in eighth grade or above.

Photo of Sunday School students at worship.